Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My man 100 grand, Moe Choi has been quietly killing the game from The Hamptons to Cannes after years of running the NY club scene. He just sent me this mix to share with you good people, but I'll let him break it down for you instead...

"Here is a 20 minute snippet of a wedding I DJ'ed. Cocktail hour heat. This is for you to bump on a lazy Sunday folding your laundry. Something for you to bump while you spoon with a dreamy latin bird on your tempurpedic & 2500 thread count Egyptians. Something for you to blast while you think about your master plan Cuz ain't nuthin but sweat inside your hands. Something for you to play when you invite that dimetastic shorty over to the lab for the first time. Something to bump while you do your dishes. Something for you to bump while you blaze that Jack Herer. Something for you to bump while you organize your gas receipts. Big shout to DJ Day for the giving me good winful advice on older broads. And to J-Zone, that gumby cut is not gonna get you any shellfish. No Wepa for you....."

Choimatic - Cocktail Mix

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