Friday, May 29, 2009

The Come Up

Exile & DJ Day this Saturday @ The Come Up in Pasadena!
Don't miss our last show in Southern California...(for a minute at least)!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Para ti

Just in time for summer, Oddisee (of Diamond District fame) drops an instrumental EP free for the people. Dude is one of the next - shit, make that NOW - generation of dope producers and if you haven't checked the Diamond District album out yet, you are do not want to believe.

Oddisee - Odd Summer
via Put Me On It

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nicolay - Nautilus

"In July of 2006, I was approached by people representing world renowned jazz keyboardist Bob James. They were working on putting together a project, to be called 'Sampling Bob James: The Nautilus Project', on which several DJ's and producers would present their take on one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop history, 'Nautilus', from Bob James' 1974 album 'One'. To my delight, I was invited to be one of the contributors, but instead of sampling the original, I chose to 'cover' it and re-create the track from scratch.They really liked my version of 'Nautilus', but the project has remained unreleased. My version did end up online, by way of a viral video. Ever since, people have been asking me for a high quality version, so... here it is! Enjoy, and please... spread the word. You are more than welcome to share the link or the file itself.
Thank you for listening" Nicolay

Nicolay - Nautilus
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Written by Bob James | Arrangement, instruments and programming by Nicolay, December 2006

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RH TV: Interview & Soundcheck w/DJ Day & Exile

Live from Sub T in Chicago

DJ Day and Exile came into Chicago on a very stormy Saturday. We checked in with them before their show and they did a little “freestyle” for us during soundcheck, and later talked with us about their live show, how they met, and more.

Courtesy of Ruby Hornet

Friday, May 15, 2009

"the ball sack of Hip Hop"

Melle Mel for President! 2:30 = straight comedy!


..for 1 last show! Grouch & Eligh, Exile & DJ Day, Afro Classics & Rootbeer (Pigeon John, Flynn Adams) this Sunday @ The Key Club in Hollywood! We're about to get our Guns N Roses on...

Make sure that you don't miss The Grouch & Eligh's homecoming show in Los Angeles, CA at the Key Club on May 17, 2009. We just added Exile & DJ Day to the show, so now it's The Grouch & Eligh, Root Beer, Exile & DJ Day, and Afro Classics! guys better not miss this!

They will be giving away a FREE Limited Edition 7" vinyl to the first 50 people of All In and "Euphoria". Also, the first 150 people in will receive a FREE G&E poster! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your tickets now!

5/17/09 - The Grouch & Eligh @ The Key Club

Also Performing: Afro Classics (Scarub & Very) and Root Beer (Pigeon John & Flynn Adams), Exile & DJ Day

Date: 5/17/09
Time: Doors @ 7:30 PM
Venue: Key Club
Address: 9039 West Sunset Blvd
City/ST: Los Angeles, CA 90069
Price: $18 adv | $20 door | Ticket Link
Ages: 15 +

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fat Beats re-cap

Footage from our in-store last weekend @ Fat Beats LA.

Exile gets busy

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This sounds almost too good to be true. The new OP-1 (Operator1) by Teenage Engineering is a pocket sized MIDI controller and a stand alone synthesizer with 8 adjustable models, a sampler/sequencer with on board effects, has a built in microphone and speaker, an FM radio with the capacity to sample (hello Exile), it's battery powered and has MP3 export capabilities to email your final product.
Sounds pretty unbelievable, but looks like it's real and coming sometime this year... (price TBA)

It's a Controller

OP-1 stands for Operator 1 and is a pocket size controller for your favorite software sequencer. Connect it to your laptop and it lets you control your sequencers transport with the common play, stop, rec, forward and rewind. Use it to control your software synthesizers with the 4 rotary encoders and 16 dedicated quick keys for fast selections.

…and a Synthesizer

When you disconnect the OP-1 from your computer you suddenly have a stand-alone portable wonder-machine with 8 synthesizer models, 8 samplers and effects like Delay, Flutter, Filters and EQ all built in. Use all that synthesizer power to record your work with the truly unique (at present time, secret) sequencer. We promise you a really cool and creative way to record your sounds and tweak them in a completely new way.

A portable wonder!

Use the magic step sequencer/arpeggiator to get the notes right. If that is not enough use the built in motion sensor that sense every shake or move you make and turn it into really cool sounds.
Then relax and sample a beat from the built-in FM radio or memorize a tune by whistle it into the built-in microphone. Play your piece to your friends through the built-in speaker. Or...convert it right away to mp3 and mail it to them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moe Choi is gonna be pissed

...but I'm posting this anyway. Last year we started working on a mix that was never finished, so I'm putting a public foot in his ass and posting part of mine.

All live (remixes and all).

DJ Day - Minimix in full effectamundo.

Moe, let's do this foolio!