Friday, July 25, 2008

PS to SF

What's good urrybody! I'm out to the bay for 4onefunktion this weekend, so if you're within 100 miles of San Francisco it's a must you roll through!

B-Cause KILLS IT everytime. Act like you know.
Marvelettes - Too Many Fish in the Sea (B-Cause Ooh Edit)

Chromeo -Call Me Up (B-Cause Dancing in Space mix)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SP Sh*t 2

Some of you might remember SP Shit Vol.1 which I posted a while back (check the archives, sucka!). Well, Fred Fades and DeckDaddy are back again with another mix of SP1200

"The concept is the same as last time... - single floppy beats, done all inside the SP1200. We havent used the 8 outs, just the main outputs on all the beats. We have layered some effect sounds and scratches on a couple of the beats, and threwn in some diggin stuff between the beats too, just to boost the listening experience a little bit.

Most of them are made in team with my good friend DeckDaddy, but some of these are stuff I've done alone too."

Here's the tracklist:

01 /// 00:00 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #01 (INTRO)
02 /// 00:23 /// THE BIRD JOINT
03 /// 02:28 /// BRAZIL PART TWO
04 /// 05:08 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #02
05 /// 07:16 /// URZULA
06 /// 08:37 /// STRINGS
07 /// 10:47 /// OH PEE 2008 VERSION
08 /// 12:06 /// SONATA (TAKE IT BACK)
09 /// 13:53 /// THE FINGER (SAXYTIME)
10 /// 14:36 /// M.O.P. – NO HOLDS BARRED (VOYAGE REMIX)
11 /// 16:46 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #03
12 /// 17:42 /// TZATZIKI
14 /// 22:42 /// COME GET IT
15 /// 23:04 /// LAS VEGAS
16 /// 24:55 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #04
17 /// 25:27 /// SPACE 2008 VERSION
18 /// 26:08 /// FREE (THE PIANO JOINT)
19 /// 27:34 /// COPENHAGEN
20 /// 28:39 /// SEATTLE BEAT NUMBER SIX
21 /// 29:30 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #05
23 /// 31:20 /// REACTION
24 /// 32:48 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #06
25 /// 33:38 /// THE EQ JOINT
27 /// 36:38 /// L.O.T.U.G. – FLOW ON (GOODSHIT REMIX)
28 /// 41:15 /// LEMURIA
29 /// 42:27 /// ITS SO THICK
30 /// 44:12 /// SPACE TRACK
31 /// 46:04 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #07
32 /// 46:59 /// HULKEN
33 /// 47:36 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #08
34 /// 49:21 /// THE DANCER
36 /// 51:59 /// THAT LIVE JAZZ
37 /// 53:36 /// DAH DAH DAH (PUT A TOAST TO HIM)
38 /// 55:02 /// ELEVATOR MUSIC #09 (OUTRO)

FredFades & DeckDaddy - SPshit Vol.2

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dollar Bin Tuesday

I can't tell you how many times I've passed up this record and never thought twice about it. In fact I still don't have a copy of it. I got this from Maker while I was in Chicago and I've had it on repeat ever since.
Dude recorded all of this in his bedroom. I need to step my game up.

Peter Brown - For Your Love

My plate is full for a minute so I might not get to post as much as I'd like to. Some new things are on the horizon and I need to focus more on music than blogging right now. Check back though, I'll still be posting something each week as much as I can.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fortunate Son

This is some late pass-ness, but this is how you stay doing your thing for decades in the music game. Being yourself and staying relevant. It's a tightrope most folks can't walk (and let's be honest, Tip has been more miss than hit post ATCQ), but when it's done right you can't help but take notice. Hopefully his whole album is as good... we shall see...

Q-Tip - Gettin Up

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, I'm finally back and trying to catch up on everything. Chicago was dope! Lots of cool folks and the crowds were great (even when Serato took a shit right at peak time and they were left dancing to my "soul clap" until I got a record on). I can't wait to go back. Here's a few highlights from my trip.

Right off the bat my plane was delayed. My flight had a stopover in Phoenix and they had grounded all planes due to bad weather... and by "bad weather" they meant a monsoon and the biggest storm in 10 years.

Meteorologist Ed Phillips said there's a good reason to close the airport during monsoon storms.

"It's all about safety. You don't want to fiddle around with these storms. Any gust of wind or loss of visibility or loss of traction on the runway -- you don't want to be playing around with that at all."

And that's exactly what happened.

On the descent into PHX we hit some bad turbulence but it leveled out and was calm for about 15 minutes. I hear the landing gear come down and right as we get close to the runway the entire plane tilted right, then left, then right again. There was a loud gasp and that's when I realized the pilot can't get control of the plane and we are about to land. Seconds later we were shooting straight up to the sky at full speed. Some guy started throwing up and the old lady next to me started doing Hail Marys.
Now I've been on some crazy plane rides before, but this was some whole other shit. Kinda like this but higher up.

We had to make an emergency landing in Tucson (what up Herm!) to refuel and wait for the weather to clear.
Once we finally touched down in Phoenix everyone cheered and what should have been a 50 minute flight had turned into 5 hours. I just sat back and and killed Jack and Coke's for the rest of the flight. I was out to have fun and get my grub on in Chicago and that's just what I did....

The plane ride didn't kill me, but Kuma's probably will. I know how bad it looks, but believe me, it was incredible (still not as good as D Castle's Dark Throne burger, which might be the greatest thing ever created). I ate half of it so there's only a 50/50 chance I'll go to hell.

Outside The Darkroom. I tried to take some "artsy" flicks, but they all came out blurry and dark as hell. Wonk waaah.

Drunk off my ass @ 4am. This pizza tasted like hot cardboard.

The infamous DG

Now this is what I'm talkin' about. You know I had to have some "official" Chicago style deep dish pizza before I left. The crust was 4 fingers thick. Insanity.

ODB art show @ Lotus Keep Gallery.

Outside People where Maker and I played Saturday night.

The lovely folks @ Wiener's Circle. This is what I got when I told em I was from Cali.

Bigbigbig shout out to the whole Chicago mafia: Maker, Mando, Pickel, Intel, D Castillo, Risa, Sang, Trew, Dreas, everyone @ Darkroom & People, the lovely couple in Wicker Park who let me pee by them, all the Strutters who made it out (Sexy B Nice, wha?!), and the staff of Wiener's Circle for making me feel like a champ.
Now it's time to work off this gut!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big up ya feeyace!

I'm literally minutes away from taking off, but I had to big up the one Manyoo!

DJ Magneto - XLR8R Mix/Podcast

Windy "C"

I'm on my way...

If you're in Chicago this weekend be sure to check out your man along side 3 of Chicago's finest, Maker, Intel and Merk1, rocking The Dirty Social @ The Darkroom this Friday, and Maker and myself @ People's Lounge Saturday night. Click the schedule on the side for more info.

Roy Ayers - Chicago (DJ Language edit)

Peace, I'll be back next week!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was lucky enough to see Stevie Wonder at The Hollywood Bowl last night. Let me tell every human being on earth, if you ever have a chance to see him live - do it.
It was one of the best shows I've ever been to, and a truly moving and memorable experience.

Here's my faded attempt to film part of the show. I was singing and dancing and all that so excuse my lack of Spielberg.

"People Make the World Go Round" on the talkbox

Monday, July 7, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't Tread on Me

We're in this together.

Battle Hymn of the Republic (DJ Day re-edit)

Have a good weekend and a Happy 4th, y'all.

Remember the time

If you didn't live through the glitter glove era of MJ there's no way I can explain just how MEGA dude was. It's a shame that, like all things, he changed (understatement of the year?), but he did leave us with some gems.
This is the original version of PYT that was written by Michael Jackson and Greg Phillinganes and is completely different than the dance floor bomb Quincy Jones re-did for Thriller.
I guess this came out on some "Ultimate Collection" comp last year, but I wasn't really trying to check for him (especially after that God awful remix thing with Wil.I.Am and Kanye. Ugg).

Michael Jackson - PYT (demo version)

James Brown, MJ & Prince live in 1987 - what?!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Kon & Amir

The homies Kon & Amir just dropped their latest record on BBE, Off Track Vol. 2 . I remember working at Subculture Magazine waaaaay back in the day and reviewing their first (or second?) On Track tape. Glad to see these dudes still doing their thing. You can also check out their new radio show over at Spinemagazine.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dollar Bin Tuesday

This may or may not become a recurring theme, but this has been getting some play over here lately.

The Supremes are not exactly rare and to be honest, I don't own too many albums outside of this one, but Floy Joy has something special to it. I don't know if it's Smokey Robinson's production, or the fact that Diana Ross had left the group (I've always been kinda biased after reading what Marvin Gaye had to say about her in Divided Soul), but it's unlike any Supremes record I've ever heard.

Supremes - Oh Be My Love


I know, I posting game has been falling off, but I've been locked in here working on this album again.
I'm trying to bring something new every day, but unless you want me to post about tooth tattoos or some other random shit, I'll keep it to music and get up as often as I can. That said...

I've been a fan of Willie Evans Jr. (Rawkus, Asamov) for a while now. Dude's whole production and rhyme style is ridiculous. Check him out and drop a couple dollars if you're feeling what you're hearing.

Here's the 1st joint I ever heard from him and it still gets me hype. Willie, if you're reading this, holler. It's been a minute.

Willie Evans Jr. - Do It