Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'd been meaning to post this up for a minute. Some of you are probably up on this, but for those that are not...

Swiff D is the producer behind Pac Div (and Busta, Snoop, Meth & Red, Estelle, etc.) and a monster on the beats. I won't get into how ill this dude is, I'll just let you listen for yourself. He dropped a free instrumental album called LaDDers at the beginning of the year ("Sherman Way" is my shit - bonus points for it being my grandma's old street). that you can grab after the jump.

Swiff D - LaDDers


Youtube, you done good.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way Out of Living

Annnnnnnd I'm back...

As some of you know, I'm a part of the co-op/collective/art gang known as Piecelock 70, and every month we're dropping something for the folks. Whether it's free music, apparel, mixes, skate decks, albums, etc. something new is happening. It just so happens that April was my turn to set it off, so I come to you all with new mix in hand and new shirts (if you're so inclined).
The original idea was to do a ¡ReuniĆ³n! mix, but I wanted to get all fancy with it and time was not on my side. Instead I went with the first thing that moved me and it's what set off the whole vibe of this mix**.

For those that know me, indeed I like to flow I’m not the most prolific dude when it comes to mixes. I have a habit of perfecting and personalizing a little too much and to be honest, this one is no different. It’s spring again, the world is falling apart and we could all use some “feel good” music, which is why I put this together for you, for free. I hope you enjoy it.

DJ Day - Way Out of Living