Thursday, August 26, 2010


A few joints I'm digging this week...

No Delayin'

Tonight ¡Reunión! welcomes back Doc Delay all the way from NYC to rock (and roast - it's like 110 out here) the spot.

My man is not only a dope DJ, but an incredible producer as well. He just finished working on Kendra Morris' new album and is constantly working on new projects. Get familiar and if you're anywhere near Palm Springs, come through and grab a drink with us. No cover and guaranteed to go down! You can download his latest mix below.

Doc Delay - Galactic Convertible Music

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thes One - Live At ¡Reunión!

Every guest I have at ¡Reunión! brings something unique to the table (which is why I have folks come through in the first place), and last Thursday was no exception. This was a night to play what we want, drink, sing, cuss, clown and most of all, have fun.
I went through 3 or so hours and took what I thought were the best parts. The first half was early into about peak time and the 2nd half is the late night IDGAF set.
All vinyl, all live. Enjoy.

Thes One - Live At ¡Reunión!