Friday, December 31, 2010

Meddy New Year!

Life is for learning, so here's to expansions in 2011! Be safe out there people, see you in a few...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chair Bro

So I'm back home trying to decompress, still reeling from the feeling of the last month. From PUTS to Moodyman and back. There's not enough room (or time) to post all the stories and inside jokes, but let's just say that everything from having my bag stolen the 1st night on tour (laptop, records, the whole 9)...and returned, to signing records, bodies and boobs, to doing illicit activities in the wee hours of the a.m. have all taken place within the span of the last 3 weeks. Good times indeed...

Before I get to the music, I want to give a huge thanks and shout out to Thes, Double K, Grace, Red Bull Music Academy, Recloose, Frank Booker, Serato HQ, Kenny Dixon Jr., Kez, Spelunk, Exile, Mark, Conch Records, Hit It & Quit It, George FM, Base FM, Takas, DJ Mu, everyone who came to the shows and New Zealand on a whole. You all showed me heaps of love and I will be back!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the best things about traveling is hearing local music you would never find out about otherwise. Recloose recommended this album to me and it's been on repeat ever since. Here's a few joints from NZ's own Lord Echo. This record has a million influences and they all blend together to create something unique. I'm feeling it. Here's two very different joints off his Melodies album.

Now I've gotta go wrap some presents and crack this bottle of Yamazaki. Cheers, bro.

Lord Echo - Wang East

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cot damn...

It's been a minute! I've been on the road and about to hit another continent in the AM. The People Under The Stairs tour was epic. I'll have pics, stories (there's a few) and video up when I get back.

If you're in New Zealand this week, I'll be doing a workshop for Red Bull Music Academy this Thursday breaking down both Ableton and the MPC, and going track by track through a lot of my songs and remixes. Next Friday I'll be rocking with Moodymann, Recloose and Frank Booker in Auckland, and Wellington the night after. Holleur

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All I Do

I get the 40 year late pass on this one. Original version of Stevie's "All I Do" courtesy of my man King Most for the upcoming Wonder-Full 7 party. #heavychune

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The homie Vitamin D just dropped one of the freshest funk/boogie mixes of the year (complete with cuts, remixes and more). Don't zzz!

Vitamin D - Funk On Sight

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WonderTeam Activate

This has been floating around online for a while now (my Radio 1 mix for Gilles Peterson, Blame's Pre-DCD mixtape [as "Set Up"], etc.), but never got an "official" release. Shit, even this isn't an "official" release, but at least folks can finally have the song on it's own.
This was originally for an album, but it didn't really fit with either project Blame and I were working on at the time, so it languished in song purgatory. I've been meaning to post this up for a minute now, so for those who asked, here 'tis...

Fuss & Fight - Blame One, DJ Day & Aloe Blacc


Really digging this (shout out to Spelunk for the heads up)

Levek - Look On The Bright Side



Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hey y'all, it's been a while since I've posted some music. I was going through some joints for tonight and found an edit I did a while back of "Long Train Runnin'". I know there's a bunch of these out there, so here's one more for you. Acoustic intro with a healthy bass and drum breakdown toward the end, straight from the multi tracks. Enjoy and don't forget theLIFT tonight!

The Doobie Bros. - Long Train Runnin' (DJ Day Acoustic Intro Mix)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lift Off

¡Reunión! welcomes Special Guest J. Sole (KCRW/Afro Funké)

This Saturday, I'll be holding it down with J Rocc after hours at The Lift (RSVP for info and location -

then I'm jumping on the People Under The Stairs - Secret House Party Tour for a few dates before I hit New Zealand next month for the RBMA/Hit It & Quit It Tour. More info TBA soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow. Moving and powerful. Hopefully this catches on with folks in need. Shout out to Tempt One.

The Eyewriter from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

via Jeff Staple

Monday, October 18, 2010

Latte Pass

Late pass (and on my own folks no less!)

Here's a free download of my "Down Dumbing" remix for the homies Qwel and Maker. Their new album, Owl is out now and pretty much smashes everything else you're listening to.

Qwel & Maker - Down Dumbing (DJ Day Remix)

Qwel & Maker - Down Dumbing (DJ Day Remix Instrumental)

I also have a 10" with Yosaku coming out on BSTRD Boots at the end of Oct. #staytuned

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FS Green

Feeling this in a major way.

FS Green - Awesome

Taken from the upcoming Hi Hat Club Vol.5 with Full Crate dropping Oct. 22nd on MPM*

*Hai guyz, hllr if you want me to take this down.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


What I'm feeling this week...

Finally had a chance to see Dungen live last weekend. One of the best shows I've been to. If they're anywhere within plane, train or automobile distance, go.

This whole album is on some next shit. Highly recommended.

Something for the dancefloor...

Manned Missiles - Chuckles Flavor

In a minute!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


For those that hit me up....Anthem Records has put up the last few copies of the screen printed 7" they made for The Goodfoot's 10 Year Anniversary. Top quality thru and thru complete with pic sleeve and artwork by the one and only Mike 2600. Only 100 pressed so get 'em while you can.

Also, you can download my set from The Do-Over rightcheere

In a minute!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

+\\P D X//+

Hey everybody, hope you all are good out there. I've been staying busy with family, DJing and playing 1 Man Band in the lab, but I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

I was blessed to rock The Do Over last Sunday and all I can say is, it was definitely one of the funnest gigs I've done. Jerome Baker set it off with the classics, Bobbito dropped the crazy latin/bossa/funk 45 set, Peanut Butter Wolf did an awesome MJ video tribute and Mayer Hawthorne, Bilal, Rich Medina, DJ Scratch (who sat behind me during my set. No pressure.) and Spinderella were in the house. Audio should be up in a few weeks. Thanks to Haycock, Mr. Strong, Mr. Blacc, Mr. Rules, Mr. Shoes et al. #sotice

I won't be able to post for a minute (see below). After this week I'm taking off to Berlin for a few days with Aloe Blacc to promote his new album Good Things which drops later this month. But first...

I'm going, going...back,¿

Yes, yes y'all, this Thursday 9/2 I'll be holding it down at The Fix and Friday 9/3 at The Goodfoot for their 10 Year Anniversary Party.

If you're in town tomorrow, come by Anthem Records for a (very) limited new DJ Day 7" with artwork by Mike 2600 screen printed on the flip #raer. This is a one off for Anthem Records commemorating a decade of good times at The Good Foot and once they're gone, they're gone. There will also be some copies available Friday night at the show. Come say hey and have a drank with me!

Also next Thursday 9/9 in PSP, the one and only DJ Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5/Blend Crafters) will be in the house at ¡Reunión! #ALWAYSFREE
Big shout out and thanks to last month's special guests, King Most and Doc Delay, and I can't forget my man 100 grand, Aimlo who has been killing it with me every week. Seriously, don't sleep on the kid.


Thursday, August 26, 2010


A few joints I'm digging this week...

No Delayin'

Tonight ¡Reunión! welcomes back Doc Delay all the way from NYC to rock (and roast - it's like 110 out here) the spot.

My man is not only a dope DJ, but an incredible producer as well. He just finished working on Kendra Morris' new album and is constantly working on new projects. Get familiar and if you're anywhere near Palm Springs, come through and grab a drink with us. No cover and guaranteed to go down! You can download his latest mix below.

Doc Delay - Galactic Convertible Music

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thes One - Live At ¡Reunión!

Every guest I have at ¡Reunión! brings something unique to the table (which is why I have folks come through in the first place), and last Thursday was no exception. This was a night to play what we want, drink, sing, cuss, clown and most of all, have fun.
I went through 3 or so hours and took what I thought were the best parts. The first half was early into about peak time and the 2nd half is the late night IDGAF set.
All vinyl, all live. Enjoy.

Thes One - Live At ¡Reunión!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Once Again It's On...

Thes Uno returns to ¡Reunión! this Thursday for another night of all vinyl party rocking, public shit talking and extreme liver abuse. This is a free show so if you're in California, come down to The Ace Hotel, get yourself a room and let's DO THIS!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Listen Compute

My man Ruckazoid (aka Ricci Rucker) just sent me some music and all I can say is holy shit. Dude has been BUSY. He's got dozens of albums on his new site from remixes, to scratch joints, to electro, to boogie/80's, hip hop and everything in between. Guaranteed there's something for everybody in there.

Probably one of the most talented and misunderstood dudes I know (Who else can go from this to this to this?). He's in his own lane and poised to take over this year.

Check it out:

Friday, July 23, 2010


#1 of 30 handmade covers for the limited re-release of
The Life of Clutchy Hopkins.

I was back in the desert recording some drums and keys with the old coot, and after taking a break I saw this on the table. I asked if it was a painting* he was working on and he tells me it's a one of a kind, handmade cover he's doing for the first handful of The Life of Clutchy Hopkins re-issue. I already copped another one and it's going on ebay once these are gone. Grip & flip.

Get your pre-order:

*Most folks don't know Clutchy is an established painter under a different name. He's also a retired cargo pilot who used to smuggle various 'items' for foreign diplomats and a part time homeless shelter refugee. He says it's for the free coffee, but that's some bullshit.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ace Is The Place - Ubiquity Records 20th Anniversary Party

If you're in or around Palm Springs this weekend, be sure to check out Ubiquity Records 20th Anniversary Party at The Ace Hotel. No cover, good times, possible/probable debauchery and yours truly.

More info at Ubiquity

Free Exile Radio Bonus LP

Free Download of Exile’s “Radio” BONUS ALBUM in celebration of his upcoming August 31st “AM/FM” release via Plug Research. “AM/FM” will feature various producers remixing the original “Radio” tracks, while various rappers and singers go over the originals. The amount of submissions were so high, not everything could fit on the official “AM/FM” album, hence this FREE BONUS ALBUM for YOU!

Since this is FREE, please support “AM/FM” dropping August 31st – which features Blu, Fashawn, Shafiq Husayn, Samiyam, Free The Robots, DJ Day, Clutchy Hopkins, Evidence, Alchemist, Krondon, Muhsinah, Aloe Blacc, Grouch & Eligh, Take and many more!

To download the full album for free, visit:

1. So We Can Move (Teebs Remix) – 02:44
2. It’s Coming Down (DJ Rhettmatic Remix) – 03:36
3. Population Control (Dibia$e Remix) – 02:15
4. We’re All In Power ft. Lessondary Radio (Von Pea, Donwill, and Elucid) - 02:46
5. Frequency Modulation (Marco Polo Remix ft. Torae & Ruste Juxx) – 02:53
6. In Love (Kan Kick Remix) – 03:34
7. GB (Radio Medley) – 02:19
8. Watch Out! False Prophet ft. ADAD & Johaz - 04:04
9. The Machine (DiViNCi Remix) – 03:09
10. In Tune Static (Mike Gao Remix) – 01:59
11. So We Can Move (Pollyn Remix) – 03:49
12. Exbox Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) - 01:31
13. OPERAtor Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) - 01:41
14. Forbidden Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) - 01:29
15. I’ve Been Dreaming of You (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) - 02:45

For more information, subscribe to our mailing list at the top of the page – or follow Dirty Science & Exile on Twitter!

More info at DirtyScience

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

EXILE @ ¡Reunión!

My brother from another, EXILE will be rocking with us at ¡Reunión! this Thursday! No cover and guaranteed to go down.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm All Changed

Private press soul from Ohio courtesy of Cool Chris from my stop at Groove Merchant a few weeks ago. Every time I hit GM, he always seems to know the vibe I'm on and this was exactly what I was searching for.
A single song doesn't do this album justice (the liner notes alone are worth buying the 2XLP). Something from nothing can't begin to explain this record. Do yourself a favor and own it. Shout out to Numero Group for consistently killing it.

Wee - I'm All Changed

Friday, June 25, 2010

Off The Wall

Can't believe it's been a year since we did this. RIP MJ

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Supreme Team

The one and only DJ Supreme La Rock makes his PSP debut at Reunión tonight! He's the only dude I know that can go from rocking a bottle service megaclub one night to smashing you in the face with funk 45's and dumb rare records the next. If you're within a 200 miles radius, don't miss this one. It's gonna be a party, y'all...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving On

It's 3am and I'm closing the door to what once was and could have been. Much respect to Miles Bonny and my man Nathan McCoy. This was originally part of the album I started and scrapped, so I'm giving it to you all. I'm in a very different place now, and truth be told, if I don't put this out now it will never see the light of day. There's more where this came from, but for the time being, here it is. Miles Bonny on trumpet & vocals, Nate "Rivel" McCoy on bass and me on everything else. This is probably the last time you'll hear this sound from me for a while.

To be continued...

DJ Day & Miles Bonny (feat. Nate McCoy) - Learning to Fly

DJ Day & Miles Bonny (feat. Nate McCoy) - Learning to Fly (inst)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kind Soul

Damn, that was quick! I told you I'd still be around.
I just got hip to The Stance Brothers via A-Ko (you remember him, right?). This is new funk/soul (or as they call it, "garage jazz") done right. Someone give up the goods on how they recorded those drums! Cottdamn.

Here's a couple joints from their album Kind Soul on Ricky-Tik Records out of Finland. The first is a top-notch cover of Cannonball Adderley's "Capricon" and an original called "The Strong One" which was only available on 7".

Glad to see folks are still making records like this that have soul and don't come off as contrived or corny. The vinyl version is coming soon, but you can cop the CD/MP3's here in the meantime. Hope to hear more from them in the future.

The Stance Brothers Official Site

* e d i t *

After reading a comment left in this post I did some reading and found out this was all made by one dude...

" Ricky-Tick Records released The Stance Brothers' debut album, Kind Soul in Finland in September 2007. [3] Teppo "Teddy Rok" Mäkynen produced and recorded the album himself and played all the instruments."


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Been listening to this a lot lately.

Just to give you all an update on what's going on with your dude, I've wrapped up my remix for Quantic and I won't be doing any other side project work for a while. I'm about to lock myself in the studio indefinitely. It's long overdue. So, with that said, I'll still post from time to time, but the blog (and the internet in general) is gonna have to take a backseat for a minute. Thanks to everyone who's been keeping up with me on here. I WILL RETURN

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watts Prophet

Reunión @ The Ace Hotel this Thursday w/special guest Ohmega Watts (no cover...ever)! If you're in or around P.S. you don't wanna miss this.

Flyer by Peter Bowhan. Check him out.


A World Premier...Premier...Premier...

Shout out to my dudes Fashawn and Blu! World Premier video for "Samsonite Man" courtesy of On Smash.

Friday, April 16, 2010

DJ Eleven - Live at Reunión

Last night was by far the craziest Reunión yet. Big shout out to everyone who came through (Tom Morello? Word?) and Aimlo, Huggs, Alf Alpha, Eleven and Gaslamp Killer who held it down like no one else.

I setup to record live and was hoping to get both Eleven and GLK's sets, but I ran out of room 45 minutes in (d o h). What I DID get though, was Eleven killing shit along with the crowd reaction in the room (I highly recommend copping one of these). I'll be recording and posting more live sets from time to time.

DJ Eleven - Live at Reunión

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let It Begin

Just put this edit/remix/Idunnowhatyouwannacallit together the other week. I originally made it so I could play the LP cut out (which is mad short) and extend it, but I ended up throwing some drums in there and stretched it out a bit. Enjoy and have a good weekend...I know I will!

DJ Day - Alright (Cross Reference edit)

No cover + $1 drinks courtesy of Sailor Jerry 9-10:30

Monday, April 12, 2010

Verbal Headlocks & Desert Gold

New Clutchy Hopkins album, "The Story Teller" drops tomorrow on Ubiquity. I know it's been YouTube city up in here lately, so I'll be dropping some new music this week.

If you're heading out for Coachella, make it a 4 day weekend and catch myself, The Gaslamp Killer, DJ Eleven ( The Rub/NYC), Huggs, Alf Alpha & Aimlo this Thursday for FREE at Reunión!

Call for a special discount on rooms 4/15 (code: Reunion) and RSVP for all Desert Gold events (Stones Throw vs. Fools Gold and much more) HERE

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010


Official video for Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar". New album with Truth & Soul on Stones Throw dropping soon!

The Roots: Dilla Joints

Who else better than to tackle Dilla's beats than ?uestlove & The Roots? I'm sure some of you are running down a laundry list of other folks, but this is definitely worth checking. They manage to give these cuts new life while keeping the spirit of Dilla intact with the unorthodox approach and looseness. DL the individual tracks below or the whole thing here

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On Track

My man Kon never fails. He just dropped this mix in support of On Track Vol. 3 coming out this April on BBE with partner Amir. This one is really on some other shit. Highly recommended.

Kon - Strong Love

Be sure to check out his blog, Playin' 4 Keeps for more goodness like this.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I always listen to the weirdest schitt before I DJ. Sometimes I just want to keep my mind free of what I'm gonna play and let things flow. Hence me rocking stuff like this all day. Another one like the other one. This time on the Bossa tip. Enjoy, and have a good week/end, y'all.

Tenorio Jr. - Nebulosa