Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tomorrow already

So my blog power is at a low with all the craziness going on right now. I'm building a studio and getting ready to go on tour with Exile in support of his Radio album so posting is taking a backseat to real life-ness for a minute, but you know I always got something for the folks!

Many of you by now have heard of Mayer Hawthorne (who's recording a full length follow up to "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out"), but some might not know dude has been in it for a minute going by the name of Haircut. He's another Detroit/L.A. transplant (there's some connection with those 2 cities for real), singer, digger, dj, musician, producer and MC. I wouldn't be surprised if dude cuts hair too.
Anyway, check out some of his latest project, Now On with IX Lives and Jackson Perry.
Now available at iTunes and wherever good music is sold. My advice is to buy a real copy though. You get your choice of 3 different covers (word to Robert Palmer).

Now On - Marbles
Now On - The Willows


Phil said...

Whoa, this is nice. Copped.

Anonymous said...

not feeling this very much

soft in all the wrong places and hard in all the wrong other places

Hubert said...

Whoa... you're totally picking out my friends in your tastemaker lists. I sense paradigm shift.

My man Benny Ben had Now On's album in his top 5 albums on 2008.