Friday, September 11, 2009

Easin' In

I was dubbing a bunch of records today and I realized I hadn't ripped this one for Sir Otto (I can't believe how many classic joints I still haven't gotten around to recording).
The intro to this song was always a bitch to mix unless you drop it when the bass comes in, so I did an extended intro/re-edit to play out.

Edwin Starr/Hell Up In Harlem OST - Easin' In

Have a good weekend and don't forget, this Sunday I start my new residency at The Ace Hotel.
Drinks + good music + free = WIN


DJ B.Cause said...
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DJ B.Cause said...

Still a fave. Fonz Mizell like yeee

jay.soul said...

thanx man, just played the normal version out last night! keep the edits coming..