Wednesday, December 16, 2009


That was a long time in-between posts. Without getting into too much detail, there was a tragedy in my family over Thanksgiving weekend and blogging hasn't exactly been the most important thing in my life. And not to make this a bummer of a post, but...

As some of you probably know, this Thursday marks the last Root Down. After 12 years, one of Los Angeles' best weeklys is calling it quits. Come out and support a legendary night that's had everyone from DJ Shadow & Z-Trip to Black Eyed Peas, Freestyle Fellowship, and more recently me and Exile (not to mention the Sound Clash series, Pushing Buttons, etc etc.).

Big thanks to Miles, Dusk (RIP), Expo, Sloe Poke, DJ Jedi, Ervin & Loslito. I've had a lot of great nights playing there. Thanks for the memories.

Breakestra - Getcho Soul Togetha prt.2

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PageOne said...

Hey Day,
Hoping you and your family are doing alright. Sending positive vibes your way.

It is a bummer about RootDown. I remember when I was finishing up school on the East Coast 8 years ago. We were moving to L.A., and this was the thing that I was most excited about. Always a good time.
take care,