Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back Together Again

Next Thursday marks the one year anniversary of my weekly party, ¡Reunión! at The Ace Hotel, and what better way to have it than a true reunion with my brother Rip One and the Innernational Crew. This will definitely be one of the books! LA/IE heads make the drive out and don't miss a rare chance to see a legendary DJ plus surprise guests for free! Stay at The Ace and get a discounted room rate (code:Reunion).

Much love to our past guests, DJ Nu-Mark, King Most, Thes One, Exile, The Gaslamp Killer, Huggs, DJ Eleven, DJ Magneto, Jamie Strong (The Do-Over), O-Dub, Jeremy Sole (KCRW), Mr. Supreme, Doc Delay, and Ohmega Watts.

I still remember buying this tape at Beat Non Stop and buggin' the fuck out. I got home and called the number on the back and the rest is INL history...

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Jay said...

Word up! I bought that tape at Beat Non Stop back in the day too! I remember being surprised at the $15 price tag. When I popped it in the tape deck, it sent shivers down my spine; it was worth every penny and more. RIP1's "Rippin Shhh Up" tape was light years ahead of like 98% of the other tapes that folks were putting out at that time. That mixtape set the bar SO HIGH. To this day, I, along with many other djs and hip hop aficionados regard that mixtape as the best, or in the top 3, best dj mixtapes of all time. That mixtape embodies the essence of golden era hip hop. If anyone has an og copy of this they're willing to part with by any chance, please hit me up; mine was taken in an auto buglary around 96'... I'll make you a good offer on it.