Thursday, January 12, 2012


Oh hey, I'm not dead.

2 months have gone by and I hope you all had a glorious holiday season. I chose to spend time with the fam and eschew the usual "best of" lists. Hope you understand.

But back to the matter at hand. My man Frank E. posted an unofficial but mad official video for "Serious Drug" by Wildcookie (Red Astaire & Anthony Mills). For those that know, you know. Been running this one for a minute. Enjoy.


DJ B.Cause said...

nice one - thanks D

Happy New Year duder


d.e.r. DRINKer said...

mr lager's got "the nose" for artists and music. niiice vid! thanx! d.e.r. DRINKer

Anonymous said...

Big Up Day!!!!

Thank's for posting!!!!!!! Digging your music to!!!!!!!!


leftside said...

Was looking forward to a Best of 2011 list, but I understand...