Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dead As Disco

So a looooong time ago I knew a guy by the name of David Castillo. Soft spoken, very chill, Chiburban dude who collected a lot of Oliver Sain records and made a fair share of beats (one of which ended up being the flipside of the first record I ever made). We lost contact after a few years and last I heard he was doing design over at Numero. Then I get a random email this week and boom - same as it ever was. He's back making music with fellow Chicagoan, Josh Deep and they're set to release their first 12" under Dead As Disco. So for those of you who enjoy poolsy edits of classic joints, or just some slow-midtempo burners, this is for you. Check the link below and cop the record when it drops next week. Enjoy.

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Donzarelli said...

These sound dope. Speaking of releases, how's the new album coming Day?