Thursday, September 6, 2012

Matthew Africa

I should probably wait to post anything. This was so sudden and unexpected that I have no idea how to even process the information of his passing.

The first - and one of too few times - I met Matthew, I was DJing at PST in the bay and struggling with the flu through a pretty rough night. My first time using a rotary mixer, I accidentally unplugged the tables during Sake's set and later got berated by Warren Sapp and his girl in front of the club (yeah, one of those nights). But the one thing that stands out most from that night was seeing Matthew in the crowd and the sheer embarrassment of that being the first time he heard me play.

I had, and continue to have, the utmost respect for him not only as a DJ, but as a human being. The times he's shouted me out on his blog always made me feel like I was doing something right. This has been a huge loss for all of us. He will continue to live on through his music and our memories.

Rest In Peace, Matthew. You were gone too soon.

Please do yourself a favor if you're not familiar, and enjoy the MANY, many mixes, podcasts and knowledge available here:

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Anonymous said...

I never connected with Matt on a personal level (ships passing in the night) but I respected his passion for music. I'd never pretend to have that level of nerd knowledge. the one tune he turned me onto that stuck was bobbi humphrey's "sunset burgundy" snapped the 12" for 3 bucks so RIGHT

so matt - here's hoping your chillin in the big burgundy sunset hang tough damien

o. bills in the norcal