Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Monday

What a crazy weekend. Lots of good people out in Arizona. One Block Radius, Drunken Immortals (who came out covering "It's Just Begun"(!)) and Josh Martinez killed it. Congratulations to One Block for recently signing with Island/Def Jam! These dudes have a bright future ahead of them.

Big shout outs to everyone who came through, DJ Element, Pickster (even tho dude didn't get my jokes and probably thinks I bat for the other team), Doug, Crash and co., Dumperfoo (this dude is a monster), the homies Herm and Rudy for coming thru. the weird chick in the front row who took her top off while I was playing, Adrianne & Ruben and all the folks I talked shit to and/or clowned stumbling out of their tents @ 7am. AZ, I love yall! I will be back.

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CBloom said...

Man that show looks cracking. Meant to give you a shout out for the Gurp City love on the last post. Glad it worked out.

on a side note, just posted the first part of my interview with Slick Rick at

Keep killin em Day!