Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kingston Cardova/D.C.

Nothing like coming home to find records in your mailbox. I was lucky enough to score a copy of Black Cat's "Lovin' You" 7" from my man Jonny at Good Records NYC before I left for D.C.

I know this record has been in demand lately, so for those who are still looking for a copy

Black Cat - Kingston Cardova

BTW - D.C. was dope!

Thanks to everyone @ ESL and all the folks who came out. Big shout to Doc Delay, Dori, DJ Stylus, Zen, 1905 (D.C.'s best kept secret!) and that random ass lady who kept asking for John Legend.


Anonymous said...

jonny's got copies... i tried to order that shit 3 times through baghat.... black hole man

love the drums on that flip is good too - mellower

Meistro said...

Yo homie, I heard you crushed it @ ESL. Sorry I missed it!

Anonymous said...

could you post the other side?
Awesome blog.
thank you