Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Fellow MPM label mate, Kutiman is about to have the internet going nuts. I hope he's ready to be famous.

Kutiman Mixes YouTube


Mr. Attention said...

As you already well know, this guy is ridiculously talented. His last album is still in frequent rotation in my humble abode.

The link seems to be temporarily down due to traffic, but if this is what I think it is, shit is crazy. Can't wait to see it.

Mr. Attention said...

Well, I've watched the entire project multiple times and I find something new every view/listen. That 'Just a Lady' track is gorgeous. The whole project is incredible; dude took it to the next level. I'm geeking out!

Thanks for sharing, Day.

DJ Platurn said...

Yo - I came to see if you had plugged anything about him cuz I was listening to your rmx of 'Music Is Ruling My Life' the other day and put the two together. His youtube thing basically turned my life upside down.