Friday, October 30, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came out to Root Down last night (shout out to Ervin for the footage)! We wanted to do something new for MJ & Halloween and what better joint to flip than "Thriller"? We had a day to rehearse our main set and put this together. Hope you all enjoy it. Be safe out there this weekend!

*bonus beat - Drunken Ewoks FTW*


Olga said...


are you two brothers?

Justin Ridge said...

Wish I could've been there to see it-- you guys know how to rock it on the MPCs!

When will you be out in LA again?

DJ Moe Choi said...

so ghey

not moe choi said...

nigga, your shirt look like a dishrag

dj day said...

Love you boo! (get @ me foolio)