Monday, October 3, 2011

Much 2 Much

Hey y'all, I literally just got home after being gone for almost a month and there's a shitload to catch up on! A lot has gone down including new releases from the fam y mas.

Exile has a new solo rap album called 4TRK Mind. This has been in the works since before we went on tour a couple years back. Don't buy it.

People Under The Stairs
just released their 8th (!) album Highlighter, becoming the first record in history to be recorded in 24-bit HD-AAC. I'll let Thes explain the audiophile nerdery below.

I had a crazy ass trip, including DJing a wrestling match in Holland with Kid Koala, rocking The Do-Over in Berlin with Benji B & Waajeed, playing "I Am Somebody" to a packed crowd in Paris the day of Mehdi's funeral (words cannot express), barely making it out of Moscow in one piece and finally ending with a week in Vegas DJing Justin Timberlake's golf tournament (which only added to the WTF of this whole month).

Here's some pics and a quick vid I put together from what footage I had. It wasn't much, but you do get some backstage interpretive dancing from a Russian girl who asked J******* *** to marry her.

That's enough with the plugs. I'll have some new music up this week. I came back with a grrrrrrip.



PageOne said...

Picked up the handmade highlighter 2LP over at piecelock thanks to ODUB's post. The 1.1 GB download just finished. It's time...

Anonymous said...

good to see superfly records in there

manu is the goods rocked a few with him last time i was in paris

oli in norcal