Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some of you might remember wonderkid/prodigy, A-ko from his 7" on Melting Pot or the Soulstrut compilation that came out a few years ago. I've always been a big fan and today he liberated 7 rare and unreleased songs from '04-'11. For fans of RJD2, DJ Shadow, etc. (man, I fucking hate comparisons, but it's kind of apt here), this is highly recommended.
"Alright, everybody always wants this so here. its all the official, and unreleased complete songs ive done as A-ko. its a zip file. 7 mp3s. 2004-2011. my complete 45, my complete 12" (minus the remix) the one track i did for the breakbeat raer comp, and the two unreleased tracks i did after my questionable relationship with melting pot basically ended. enjoy. PLEASE. enjoy." - A-ko
A-ko - Collection

*Bonus Like a Throttle exclusive*
Live version of Salt's "Hung Up". Dude is a beast on the drums.

Salt/A-ko - "Hung Up"


phono13 said...

Ahhh... the "soulstrut kid" from Iowa. I hope he's doing well and that his ghetto blaster collection is stronger than ever.


analogaries said...

Love A-ko, always uses just the right amount of sugar & spice.

Anonymous said...


a-ko said...

hate to do this, but i just put up a soundcloud page. check it out for future stuff.

thanks day!

snicka said...

I remember all the recordings he made of him playing classic breaks on his drums. Great stuff, what happened with him and Melting Pot?