Saturday, March 17, 2012


So a couple weeks ago we threw our first Yacht Rock/AOR (Adult Oriented Rock) party at ¡Reunión! and not only was it a gang of fun, but I realized I genuinely love this schitt. Call it corny or soft or whatever, but I grew up on it. Just as much as I like Om Unit, Jessie Ware, SBTRKT etc. you can catch me listening to Hall & Oates with no shame.

While looking for more obscure songs and remixes I stumbled upon the AOR scene and this is something that needs to be brought to light. There's a whole genre out there I was sleeping on and thought some of you might dig it. It's basically remixes and dancefloor friendly edits of classic soft rock chunes. It might sound bugged, but I'm feelin' it.

If you're looking for more joints like this, be sure to check out the incredible AOR Disco blog. Gems jerry. Gems I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

chris cross - ride like the wind

fakers can hate but that is classic - someone must have remixed/bumped it..

Anonymous said...

p.s. that new bonny 7 on bstrdboots
is a hitter

passean said...

Anonymous...there is a TIGHT edit of Ride Like the Wind on Soundcloud...not mine, but dope..