Friday, March 2, 2012


Back in August I got an email from DJ Hopper (SF) who made an hour+ long mix of all my music/releases/production. Needless to say, I was honored that someone would take the time to put this together, but I hesitated on posting it because as weird as it sounds, I was kind of embarrassed. Not to be on some false modesty ish, but I don't wanna be the "look at me" guy. That said, I would be the asshole guy if I didn't give my man's hard work some shine. So, if you dig what I make or haven't heard any original production, this one's for you.

Thanks, bud.

DJ Hopper - All Day Long


Hopper aka rcwinkly said...

I'm glad you got around to posting this man. Your modesty speaks volumes and I'm glad you past the
"look at me" to share with more of your good folks. Keep on putting out those jams when inspiration happens...

Hopper aka rcwinkly said...

1. Primera
2. The Bottle
3. Music Is Ruling My World (Day remix)
4. Gone Bad
5. Lovebug
6. Kossa
7. What Planet What Station
8. Change Your Mind
9. Intro (Wrap It Up B)
10. Down Dumbing (Day Remix)
11. A Place To Go
12. Trippin’ At The Disco (Day remix)
13. Mas Pas (Day remix)
14. First Step
15. What’s Goin’ On? (Day remix)
16. Leslie’s Back (Day remix)
17. Four Hills (remix)
18. Sunday
19. Learnin’ To Fly
20. Fuss & Fight
21. Close Your Eyes
22. Lucien
23. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Day remix)
24. Still Miles
25. Make You

bohemten said...

Hey Day you should be pride about this mix. Your work is of the hook son! I love your original music every since I heard Love Bug!. My wife and i love floating in are above ground pool in are backyard listening to your sounds...looking all redneck and shit! :) ....When are you releasing your next album? I hope by the summer!