Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beat Grinder

Damu is back at it again. This time with his take on Madvillain's "Meat Grinder" Get the video and MP3 here

Damu The Fudgemunk - BEAT GRINDER (vid 1 of 2) - Madvillain ReVISION from jnota on Vimeo.


Mr. Attention said...

Dope. Thanks for putting me on to Damu last year. His beats are butter and he seems prolific enough to share his "toss-aways" in the form of free downloadable EPs. Can't wait to see more of this dude in the near future (that Y Society album was underrated.)

Peace Day,

Mike/Mr. Attention

DJStylus said...


but you already knew that.

Damu's been the man since he was a likkle yoot doing MPC and dj sets on street corners.

Next time you come through, holler at his big bro for a sneaker fix. He's a dj too.