Monday, February 2, 2009


Hey y'all, just got back in town last night. I got a whoooole lotta catching up to do so I'll make this short, but needless to say, NY is the shit! Big up to Moe Choi, Empanadamn (who held it down for real), $mall Change, J-Zone, Sabo, Good Records, DJ Still Life, Hollerboard massive, Amy Ruth's up in Harlem & everybody who came thru @ APT. Can't wait to go back.

Here's a cut from J-Zone's new album Live @ the Liqua Sto - def. a must. He made a whole album dedicated to those old St. Ides commercials from back in the day. Dude is on some next shit with this one.

J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla - Can I Get a Sip? (inst)

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marky de sade said...

yes yes Day - lovin the broken wobble on this - just needs to about 4 minutes longer!

miles away from Thes One's "Lifestyle Marketing" breaks, also based on TV commercial themes.

would love to hear more.