Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moments in Time

Musician/Producer and dudewhomakesthemusicyoulovesoundsogood, Karriem Riggins drops a preview of his "upcoming production" (album?) with his instrumental cover of The Moments' "Sexy Mama"*.

Karriem Riggins - Sexy Mama
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Tour Dates:

June 22 - Seattle - Triple Door - w DJ Dummy
June 24 - Oakland - Yoshis - w Pete Rock
June 25 - Oakland - Yoshis - w Pete Rock
June 28 - Minnesota- Dakota Jazz w DJ Dummy

The Nonce - Mixtapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)*
This was my shit back in the day.
Side story: I did cuts and backup vocals on a song with Nouka called "Labels" at their crib in Culver City before they made this album. It's on a cassette around here somewhere along with a few other songs from that time like "Early to Rise" - was this ever released? - If the tape ever turns up I'll post it.
*RIP Yusef Afloat*


jay.soul said...

yeah the nonce was nice. so mellow and jazzy but with a really thick sound.
i used to sellll mixtapes but now i'm an mc..

gav said...

shit was ahead of it's time...

i used to work at washington mutual customer service headquarters in the valley. i met a chick in the break room while i was listening to some old freestyle fellowship. we got into a convo and it turns out she was yusef's girl at the time he passed...

just thought i'd share.