Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are we on the air?

So, I've finally thrown my hat into the blogosphere. I started this as a way to keep people up on what I'm doing and post some music (and some late night drunken posts, no doubt!), but who's to say where it will go. I'm not used to putting my personal B.I. on the interwebs, so I'll start off with some photos from the last few local Aesthetic Arrest gigs and a mix to download.

Here's a live mix I did for Florian Keller's Samurai FM radio show. I made a small run of CD's that were given out as a promo (big ups to Manny with the handmade houndstooth cover art!).

DJ Day - On the Air

I've also got other tings a gwaaan that I'll share with everyone soon. Remixes, progress on my album that's taking forever and a day, some collabos, sneak peaks, etc. and I'll try to post up some of the old INL joints people have been asking about.


Bapt said...

Hey D,
good to see you here, in the blogosphere but I hope you won't waste too much time. ;-)
Anyway, I'll be reading you.


Lazy Eyez said...

Yo Day!! Whats Up man, my name's Lazy Eyez. I hit you up awhile ago to try and interview you for Basementalism, a radio show out in Colorado. I'd still love to interview you sometime. Either way, Man I am excited you got a blog. I've been needing a way to keep up with your projects.

Manny said...

i lohv lamp