Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Magnificent

If I had to pick one person who truly inspired me to become a DJ it would be Jazzy Jeff. While others like Aladdin & Joe Cooley played a big part in influencing my style, Jeff was the one I actually learned from. Back in the late 80's (OOF! I'm dating myself) I would spend hours and hours trying to re-create his cuts. This was before instructional videos/fader contours/hamster switches and all that other fancy shit. All you could do was listen and learn and try to breakdown what he was doing.

So with that I give you the complete 20 minute version of DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince "Live @ Union Square" (1986)

Rip if you're reading this... I still remember the first time you played this on the way to N.M. I was buggin!


Mr Mass™ said...

Super Prolific Day
Keep Up The Great Posts
Keep Teachin The Ignorants
Hip Hop Didn't Start With Pete Rock
Notorious BIG is Not Old School

Theee Casual Male said...

All the homeboys who got AIDS be quiet.