Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The more you know

Everyone is so overloaded with music these days that a lot of good artists go unnoticed. I'm gonna take the next couple of posts to shed some light on folks I'm feeling, cats I've been working with and my extended family.
Starting with...

Miles Bonny

I stumbled across his myspace page last year and was really feeling what I heard. I think it was something from his Smell Smoke EP and my first thought was, "I gotta work with this dude."
He sings, makes beats, plays trumpet (his father is renowned trumpeter Francis Bonny) and is part of INnatesounds with Joc Max and a ton of other talented cats who are holding it down for Kansas City.

Eventually we got to talking and I sent him some beats. I had a demo of a live song I was working on that needed something extra and Miles did just that, laying vocals and horns and taking it to the next level.

Since this is still a rough mix and things will probably be changed before it's released, I'm just posting a preview clip.

DJ Day & Miles Bonny "Learning to Fly" (rough mix)

Miles Bonny - "Sing Your Song" (produced by Joc Max from the Smell Smoke EP)

Video for "Yes I Do" from the "Closer Love" EP

Be sure to check out his new releases of which he has MANY. He's also been working with MPM and just put out a new EP called "Closer Love".

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