Monday, May 12, 2008

Feel Fine

Since summer is around the corner I thought I'd get the jump and post a mix I did back in 2003. I made this to give out to friends and sell locally. Nothing major or "raer", just some nice joints to max out to. I know Aser and Yosaku made similar one's around that time (those were the inspiration behind this mix) so I'll see if I can find them and post it in the future. Enjoy and don't to try to test my Paintshop Pro gangster.

DJ Day - Feel Fine


manny said...

this mix kept me sane a couple years ago. thanx mr bbsan

Anonymous said...

hey, keep up the good work. just got 'the real me' 7" remix, nice. for some reason the feel fine mix downloads ok, but when you drop it into itunes track 2 doesn't list properly and some tracks don't play. peace