Monday, May 19, 2008

Fusion, biatches

I'm back in effect after handling some things last week.
Real Life > Blogging - and you know this, man.

Fusion Batches is hands down one of my favorite mixes. I remember when this came out I was on my way to the airport for a big gig and a likkle nervous. I put this on and was instantly at ease. To quote Jazzy Jeff from the back cover "this is one of the dopest mix CDs I've ever heard". Thou art saying tho.

Most people know bay area native and recent L.A. transplant DJ Morse Code from his Hard Crack Candy mix series, or rocking alongside DJ AM and Mike B at LAX, but not too many know my man has RECORDS! Don't get it twitted, he may drop ELECTROBMOREBLOGHOUSE at the club, but best believe he knows his shit when it comes to the crates.

DJ Morse Code - Fusion Batches track 1
DJ Morse Code - Fusion Batches track 2

He just finished Fusion Batches 2 and will also be re-releasing this mix (which is why I only posted 2 of the 5 parts) . Both should be dropping soon so be on the lookout!

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