Monday, May 5, 2008

Tinseltown to Boogie Down

Thanks to everyone who came out to Root Down last Thursday. I had a blast. That was the best crowd I've seen there in a minute. Hopefully I'll get some pics but my man is mad FLAKEY! Shout out to Posdnous and Maceo who rolled through at the end.

I pulled this out today while looking for another 12" and thought I'd post it up. I have no idea how this record even happened. 80's British band Scritti Politti and...Psycho Les? Any way it goes, there are some heaters on here and just like that Bas Blasta record the Beatnuts produced, this one is good for the beats. I also recorded the vocal and inst. of the Ali Shaheed Muhammad version which is definitely the best one on the 12".
I know I know, where's the Pete Rock remix? Let's just say its not his best work. If folks want it I'll post it up.

Scritti Politti Remixes

Happy Cinco De Mayo y'all! Hopefully I'll have something extra up here later today.


CBloom said...

He did this one and one with Tha Alkaholiks. I feel you though, I never really understood what the deal was pairing Scritti Politti and dudes like the liks and beatnuts.
as always props on the page, always got something nice.

Anonymous said...

Damn I forgot about this song until I heard it today. Finally found it here. Thanks!