Thursday, September 18, 2008

Funner Than Leather

New promo mix by Thes Uno for Fun DMC.

Actually this is more like a whole other album than just a mixtape. Folks can check my remix around the 33 minute mark. Word to Double K.
Enjoy and don't forget to buy the album when they drop it! Sept 30th

Thes One Presents - Funner Than Leather

Almost forget to tell y'all there's a remix contest going on over at
Grand prize winner gets an 8g Ipod Touch and their remix pressed on 7" in an upcoming box set. Click the Soulstrut link or the photo below for more info.


Marty McFly said...

When will your remix of "Step Bacc" be released? I was blown away when I heard it.

Fecam said...

That remix is seriously good. Ditto the Marty Mcfly comments - when (and on vinyl?)


dj day said...

Thanks y'all. Still not 100% on a release date, but digital download 1st and there's talk of a PUTS remix 7" box set down the road. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.


Punk-cho said...

Yo Day! first of all thanks 4 da music!!! your blog rules!
Now, I need some help! I have a remix for the PUTS contest, but the people from the soulstrut forum didn't send me the confirmation yet and I don't wanna be left aside! If you have any suggestion please let me know. Maybe I could post it on myspace or somethin'. Thanks.

dj day said...

Yo, thanks for the comment, my man. Just send your remix to me directly and I'll get it to the other judges.

punk-cho said...

yo day! did you got my remix? the third world orchestra one?

Punk-cho said...

EXPLANATION NEEDED: I'm sorry to say that I'm still waitin' for the aproval from soul-strut...I registered myself on Tuesday, September 23...I thought it will take just 2 days at least...but I was wrong, so I tried to contact DJ Day from here, that's all...I will not enter the discussion "real headz/ not real headz" because someone was registered before...Maybe they want that I-pod so much that they need to ask 4 extra points...I have a 512mb mp3 player and I´m happy with that. The idea was to listen to each other's versions and have a fun (DMC) time!!! Peace to all and respect to PUTS, Lord Radio, Cosmo, DJ Day and RAJ.

dj day said...


I posted your remix last night. It will still be eligible for submission so no worries. I'm not sure what's up w. your Soulstrut status, but the judges have heard your remix. We'll notify the winners tonight @ 6pm PST.

Thanks for your remix!


Punk-cho said...

Damn! I did make it!...well...but at least I have the longest virtual maxi single from a track from PUTS Ha ha ha! Congratulations to the winners! Peace to everybody who sent their versions, respect to the judges...and f*** my confirmation for the forum...I'm still waitin' for it!