Monday, September 15, 2008

Jeremy Ellis - Live @ Do Over

Here's some highlights of Jeremy Ellis' set @ Do Over from last weekend. I edited out some of the technical difficulties they had and grabbed the "holymotherfuckingshit" parts (7 min mark is bananas). Aloe Blacc kept things moving when the sound cut out and Planet Asia cold murdered it.
Dude takes live MPC playing to a whoooooooole other level. I mean... you're just gonna have to hear it for yourself.

Jeremy Ellis - Live @ Do Over L.A.

Keep in mind this is all live - no quantization and dude was using his hands, elbows, face, etc.



Oliver said...

Damn - that sounded like an amazing performance, would've been killer to see it live....

Thanks for taking the time to throw it up.

Anonymous said...

7 minute mark = *facemelt*



Matty said...

Amazing... never heard of this guy but I'm going to be keeping my ears pealed now! Thanks for dropping this gem.