Friday, September 12, 2008

One into Two

I went back and pulled out L.A. Carnival's L.A. Carnival Would Like to Pose a Question yesterday and remembered why this album stood head and shoulders above the rest of the reissues coming out around that time - the songwriting. They encompassed a host of styles from straight ahead funk, to beautiful ballads and social commentary and the horn charts and harmonies on some of the songs are straight facemelting. I was lucky enough to catch their reunion show in L.A. and go back and meet Lester Abrams (who was cool as hell and still in shock from the renewed interest in the group) and then a few months later, POOF! Nothing.
I know the market for these kind of records today is small, but I would've loved to have seen another record made ala Joe Bataan's Call My Name. With the right band it could have been a classic. Maybe some least we still have Pose a Question.

L.A. Carnival - Can You Hum a Tune
L.A. Carnival - Color
L.A. Carnival - Blind Man
L.A. Carnival - Blind Man (Cut Chemist edit)

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