Wednesday, September 17, 2008

you're not gonna believe this schitt

I was walking my dog last night and she got loose and ran off into the desert. While I was stumbling around looking for her in the dark I heard a voice say "over here!". Next thing I know I see this old homeless looking dude by a bush with my dog sitting by him like they go way back. I walk over and say thank you, and he introduces himself as C.H. Now I didn't think anything of it at first, but he looked familiar. Then it hit me - but no way that could be him. I mean, wtf is Clutchy Hopkins doing sitting in the middle of the desert on a Tuesday night? So anyway, we got to talking and I mentioned I make music. His eyes lit up immediately and he says "follow me". I was kinda skeptical, but I always carry a Rambo knife and a roll of barbed wire in my pants for these type of situations, so I followed him around the corner of the canyon above. What happened next you wouldn't believe if I told you, so I took pictures for proof.
After hiking up into the canyon he takes me to this cave that's FULL of instruments and recording equipment. He was running it all off of 2 generators and a bike rigged up like Gilligan's Island. Shit was unreal.
Anyway, after jamming for a while he said he had to go. He was leaving soon (something about Botswana and "awakening of the truth spirit") but we did record a few things before I left. Maybe one day someone will find those reel to reels and you can hear what a crazy trip it was.

Clutchy Hopkins - 3:26 (From the album The Life of Clutchy Hopkins)


Matty said...

Holy shit, that's insane. Goes to show you that life can be an adventure sometimes. Did he record his last album like that?

diane said...

holy cow. that is an amazing story.

how do you carry barbed wire in your pants? sounds painful.

mr. attention said...

Probably the craziest story I've ever heard....??? Seriously? This sounds like some crazy 'Being John Malkovich' type of shit.