Thursday, September 25, 2008


More feel-goodness in the midst of all the madness...

These 2 cuts are from Inner Circle's Reggae Thing album (Capitol 1976). I just found another copy and put it on this morning as background music for my daily breakfast of coffee & cigarettes. I haven't played it in a while, but "Jah Music" is still my sh*t (perfect for a day like today) and "Groovin' In Love" is just as dope.

Inner Circle - Jah Music

Inner Circle - Groovin' In Love

Jacob Miller was that dude.


mr. attention said...

Such a great LP - haven't heard it in years (my copy is probably boxed up in storage somewhere.) 'Jah Music' is probably my favorite cut on the whole album.

DJ Platurn said...

Lovin' it dude - put the Jah Music on some mixes way back in the day - thanks for the memory homie!