Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daily Bread

Here's a track off the new Daily Bread 12" I did with Aloe (and Dr. Oop who wasn't credited on the song I'm posting [?!]). The project was supposed to be a throwback type of vibe on some Pharcyde/ '93 Til Infinity era ish. In other words - fun. Yo, what happened to peace fun?! Fools seem to forget all about that nowadays.

Daily Bread (Aloe Blacc & DJ Day) - That's That (feat. Dr. Oop)

Alright y'all, I'm off to the dentist. Wish me luck. I don't fear needles and all that, but I'm not looking forward to it...


ejnord said...



Hot record!!!!

Is there some live playing on "Cool Key & Hot Horn"? Or is it all samples? I recognize the organ melody... but hot dayum if it don't fit perfectly.

Will this 12" be available stateside in retail outlets?

And big up to Droop and Aloe... always good to hear those two on a track.

And that's Cat.

Matt said...

DJ Day + Aloe Blacc + Dr. Oop = One goooood combination! Super dope chill track. Thanks a bunch for giving this away... do an album with Aloe and I'll pick it up in a second. Hope the dentist was kind to you.

dj day said...

Thanks for comments everyone. Hopefully this will see some U.S. distribution and folks won't have to pay a grrrrrrip for the 12".

"Is there some live playing on "Cool Key & Hot Horn"? Or is it all samples? I recognize the organ melody... but hot dayum if it don't fit perfectly."

Yeah that bonus track is all live except the drums. I originally was gonna do a cover of "The World is Ghetto", but we ended up using the track for that. Subcontact got a dude in Japan to play sax over it.

Mr. Attention said...


Just got back from the dentist myself and saw this post. You are on a roll, Day - good, soulful shit.

Miska said...

Man, I heard this track only today the first time but I fell in love in it the first moment.

peace from Hungary

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