Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Pioneered This

The first time I ever heard this record was on Michael "Mixxin" Moor's "Militant Master Mix" radio show on KCRW (dude was also responsible for helping break everyone's favorite DJ savior, DJ Shadow BITD). We used to trade tapes of his shows and he was always way ahead of his time. Michael Moor was a legend in the Los Angeles music scene and unfortunately not enough people know about him or give him the props he deserves. His show helped shape my sound and gave me hope that there were other people out there making the kind of music I wanted to create. This one goes out to him. If anyone has any of those old shows please drop me a line.

The Wreck Allstars (Kenny Dope) - Hit Em Like This

Militant Master Mix - 7/31/93 (courtesy of DJ Marioka)

R.I.P. Michael "Mixxin" Moor - January 1960 - April 2006

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tmoe said...

I only have a lot of wreck records from the past. mostly party breaks (vol. 1 - 10) and a bunch of released disco music on wreck records. but I've never heard from a radio show or something similar..but I am really interested...:-)
thanks for the information.