Friday, October 31, 2008


my lil homie

I'm not that big on Halloween (and you know I'm already burnt out having kids), but I had to do something for today...

Here's a quick scratch sentence I made for Halloween a few years ago. I got the bright idea to dress up and lurk at the gig all night without anyone knowing it was me, then bust out with my superawesomescratchroutine. People figured it out in about 20 seconds.

DJ Day - Halloween cuts

Here's a couple other random (and I do mean random) records I dug out that are quasi Halloween and/or evil related.

Aphrodite's Child - The Battle of the Locusts

This schitt ^^^ will NOT be for everyone, but I can get down with some stuff like this. There's a little surprise in there for the scratch nerds (D-Styles headz know the deele).

Franco Micalizzi - Bargain With the Devil

This is from an Italian horror movie soundtrack I came up on a while back. The movie is basically Rosemary's Baby goes to Italy, but the music is pretty ill.
This last cut is more on a Halloween porno vibe so you might want to save it for the end of the night.

Have a good weekend y'all - don't be (too) stupid!

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Manolo said...

the battle of the locust is crazy times