Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aspiring Answer

Every day I wake up like "damn, what am I gonna blog about today?". I'm still trying to sort this whole thing out and find my niche. I didn't set out to make yet another MP3/Youtube/what's-cool-this-very-second type of thing, but shit, what else is there to blog about? I doubt everyone wants to read about what goes on in my regular everyday life, so... here's another MP3!
I always sit on records like "I'm gonna use this one day" but who am I kidding, if it's that serious I'll stop whatever it is I'm doing and get to work. Otherwise it ends up on a mix or as an interlude so I'm sharing the music. I've had this record for forever and it's by no means rare, but the intro to this song is
(and the rest isn't bad either).

This is on some French violin/Herbie Hancock/prog ish from 1980, but don't be scurred.


ejnord said...

If you post on a regular basis -- regardless of what it is -- people will keep checking in.

Matthew said...

man, that record had been sitting in my pile of things to rip for about a month... thanks for saving me the trouble! it's got such a "concerto for jazz/rock orchestra" feel to it.