Friday, February 29, 2008

cold get ill

Hey everybody, I'm laid up with the flu with no end in sight (I had to postpone my gig this Sat. at Funky Sole), so this will be a quick one.

Here's a couple joints from my man Kev aka producer and owner of Chop Shop Records.
Some of you probably remember his production from LPSD's "Microphone Enhancer", but before that he was dropping the ill beat records that made their way to many a mixtape back in the day.

Chop Shop - Simply Marvelous
Chop Shop - Brooklyn Keeps on Takin' It

I'll try to upload a scan of the LP when I'm back in effect. Have a good weekend yawl.

1 comment:

Ollie said...

Get well soon man.

I'll never forget when I first heard that "Simply Marvelous" joint on DJ Rip One's classic "Rippin' Shit Up".