Thursday, February 7, 2008

The More You Know - Yosaku

Yosaku is my man and an artist folks need to check out.
He's the most meticulous producer I know (sometimes making 400 chops in a song) and has a wide variety of styles ranging from straight Hip Hop and turntablism to broken beat, brazillian and nu jazz. He made noise with his first 12", a remix of Ray Baretto's "Pastime Paradise" (Fresco/Plug Label), getting props from Spiritual South, Gilles Peterson, Michael Rutten, Garth Trinidad and Big Bang. He has a lot more in store this year, including a James Brown project on GAMM and (hopefully) our remix of "The Bottle" will finally get an official release.
Check him out (sorry, no download-o)


Mr. Attention said...

That's my man. Have to give kudos to Yosaku as well.

By the way, I'm really diggin the new blog, Day. Looking forward to future posts. (oh, and loving that new Blame One/Aloe Blacc track!)

Keep doin' the do,

Mr. Attention

keshix said...

great tracks man!

Hope to get more of those ones.

keep it up!


***kikko*** said...

hey what up day??

My name is Tim (DeeJay Kikkoman) and I'm a friend of Yosaku's. I met him when he was 14 and his cuts were incredible back then. I always knew he would contribute some amazing music to the world. I really hope he presses miradolina (people will go crazy for that on a good sound system)

Nice cuts on your day before and 12"s by the way...Real clean, how a deejay who's been cuttin for over 15 years should sound...Real fast when you need to be, but held back when you need to also, perfect timing.

If you're interested, I would like to mail you some mixtapes I made to see what you think...It's how us deejays communicate. Keep the good music and positive messages comin. Whenever I rock your records at a party or show, people really feel them. I love how the lines between sampling, drum machines, and live musicianship are blurring. Sorry for rattling on. Peace...

Oliver said...

Wow. Very nice tracks there from Yosaku. Great blog. Peace

Manny said...

a remix of Ray Baretto's "Pastime Paradise" (Fresco/Plug Label) is in heavy rotation in my crates...

yosaku said...

Thank you guys, really appreciate all the kind words! Thank you for posting this man :)