Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heavy in the Streets

I did a short digging/record related interview with DJ Sorce-1 over at Heavy in the Streets. You can read it here and be sure to check out the other interviews in that series with heavyweight dudes like Egon, Soulman and Mr. Supreme.


DJ Yamin said...

So nice to find yer blog. Love all the work you do>

JBD said...

Hey Day!

Just found yer blog - some tasty ish up in here!

I actually used to talk to Rip pretty frequently back in the early to mid 90s, as I used to manage all the hip hop for a record shop down in Austin. I carried a bunch of yours, Rips and Kair's tapes in there, and they always got people amped as hell when I played em.

Was wondering if you'd post MP3s of any of those tapes = particularly that True School mixtape you, Rip and Kair did? Aside from Cash Money's Plot tapes, that's gotta be my favorite old school mix...

Loving the music anyhow, keep that shit up!

dj day said...

yoooo I'm just going through some of the comments on here and I found this one. I remember Rip talking about you back in the day. You were the one who showed him the entire Jazzy Jeff Live @ Union Square show, right?
I might have some of those old tape digitally transferred, so holler if you still want em.