Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The MIghty Two

When it comes to music knowledge my weakest link (besides country, polka, and woodland nymph pan flute) is reggae. Years ago I bought a giant box of reggae and 90's dancehall 7"'s from a local record dealer. Whoever the original owner was must have DJ'd in a cave because these things were completely covered in dead bugs and mouse turds. The lengths we go for records never ceases to amaze me.

After much cleaning I managed to salvage quite a few Studio One joints, a lot of dancehall classics ("A Who Seh Me Dun", "Ting a Ling" "Hot This Year", etc.) and this 45 by Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson, better known as The Mighty Two.
The only other record I had by them was the famous African Dub - Chapter Two and
outside of that, I knew little else.

By the time The Mighty Two was formed, Joe Gibbs was already well established in the world of reggae and rocksteady, having started the Amalgamated label in the late 60's and creating chart topping hits by the likes of Delroy Wilson and The Heptones. Errol Thompson also had a heavyweight resume as a sought after engineer in Jamaica working with Bob Marley, Agustus Pablo and Yellowman, and one of the first studio engineers to be involved with dub music. They began working together in the early 70's and had over 100 Jamaican #1 hits over the course of their career.

The vocals you hear on this record are by the late great Dennis Brown with backing by Sly and Robbie. Needless to say it's a heavy chune, mate, but I'm sure you already guessed that by the title.

The Mighty Two - Malcolm X (version)


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