Monday, March 31, 2008

Paul's Pal

I've searched all over the internet for info on Paul Hunter and I can't even find a picture. Maybe I have crummy Google skills or there's just not a lot out there about him which is pretty amazing considering the amount of music he put out.

I first heard of him through his Red Hook Project record. Rip One and I used to exchange mixtapes of records we were digging and he put a couple songs from this 12" on one. It took me a few years to finally track a copy down, but to this day it still holds up as a powerful and moving piece of music.

Paul Hunter/Red Hook Project - Peaceful Morning

Fast forward a few years later and I get an email from my man Huggs about this Brother of Soul record. Come to find out it's the same dude behind the Red Hook record under an alias. I want to find out more about him so if anyone can point me the right direction please drop me a line in the comments section.

Brother of Soul - Be Right There


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Paul's work too and have quite a few of his 12"s. You already have this on that same 12" but for the readers who might not, here's another nice cut as well as a newer heavy jazz release he did as part of Deep Sensation. I've also added his discogs link so peeps can check his releases and aliases.
Big fan of your stuff by the way too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, after hearing his version of Paul's Pal I tried to google info about "Paul Hunter" as well and ended up here, and not finding much else. Pretty mysterious dude I guess. Love to find more that he's done...

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Anonymous said...

all i know is i know Paul's Pal from this comp :

i bought the vinyl so no hatin' :P

be still, peace, be still...

Mr Day can you drop some sample knowledge on us on this tune?

Anonymous said...

I know he is from Glasgow, Scotland both he and Colin Gate (Paul's production partner) are very under the radar. Very difficult to find any info on either of them, I believe Paul hunter is still based in the Glasgow area but I have no idea about Colin Gate.

Anonymous said...

Check his Discogs for more releases

He cut like 30 solo records under various names & 4 with some other guy Colin also..

And has record label called Red Hook.

I like the Small world and dual tone stuff the best.