Thursday, March 6, 2008

SP Sh*t

I've been on a big instrumental kick lately, especially when I'm driving. There's nothing like zoning out to beats while you're moving around the city.
I've been rocking DJ Kikkoman's AM Radio mix (Kikko holler with your myspace link!) and SPShit 07 from Fred Fades & Deck Daddy.
I found out about this mix through and was like "hmm Fred Fades...that name sounds familiar". Then I realized he and Blame One just put a record out together. It's a small word forrilla.

If you like beats this mix is for you (right click/save as to download).

SPShit 07

"I first got my SP1200 early in 2007, but got heavy into it when my MPC got ucked up, the summer of 2007. I´ve made about 130-170 SP beats since then, and alot of these beats were made with Deck Daddy over at my spot. Deck Daddy got his SP1200 in December 2007, and he has already learned me lots of functions and stuff I did´nt know about. We have also made tons of collabo beats on the SP.. Anyways.. There is no way we´re going to release all this shit, and we have got lot of mails from dudes who be like “Oh man you guys are the only one out there who knows how to rock an SP, that ACTUALLY STILL rock it”.. I mean, all the legendary SP dudes aint using the SP no more.. It´s sad, but thats the way it is. Anyways, I compiled this shit today, just raw SP stuff, out the floppies. All mixed inside the machine, and recorded through the main out, cause I don´t have any mixer with enough working outputs.. My mixer is BADDD, and it DOES NOT WORK.. But I got records, and Deck daddy thought me alot about EQing shit before recording it and other small tricks. So the beats doesnt sound that bad.. DeckDaddy has featured on maybe 40-50% of these beats. Just wanted you dudes to know. For those who don´t know, we´re pretty heavy into diggin also, so I included some records i had layin around the floor when I recorded.. Random joints.. some of them are used in the tracks aswell.. I hope some of you dudes out there enjoy it.

BY THE WAY!!! The volume isn´t really good mixed, some of the shit sounds lot louder than the other ones..




Mr. Attention said...

Thanks for sharing this one; this is the first I'd heard about it.

Makes me wish the SP12 was getting more use these days... (Pete Rock, where you at?)

JBLOW said...

i was just bumpin this in the AM today. definitely good stuff! makes me want to track down an SP.