Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sam the Kid

More beats for you. This time coming from Portugal's Sam the Kid. The 3 songs I posted are from Beats Vol. 1 Amor from 2002. I don't know it it's still available, but it's worth tracking down.

Sam the Kid - A Manha Seguinte

Sam the Kid - Seducao

Sam the Kid - Alma Gemea


Anonymous said...

Yo man your the only person I know that has mentioned SAM THE KID.Check out rocky marciano on the sam label His beats or tight.


wondermike said...

thanks for sharing these tunes...definitely some good stuff here on likeathrottle. much appreciated.


Oliver said...

It's up on iTunes, if anyone reading this is interested in grabbing the full release. That A Manha Seguinte joint has been on repeat since I copped it from here!