Friday, March 28, 2008


I know my posting times have been mad sporadic lately but better late than never!
It's friday night and I know some of you are ready to get your Johnny Kemp on so I'm posting random uptempo joints to set your night off. Enjoy and have a good weekend y'all! Don't forget I'll be holding it down @ SMASH tonight if you're in town.

Grand Puba - Fat Rat

Tony Lee - Reach Up

Family Tree - Family Tree feat. Sharon Brown (N.C. edit)

7 Samurai - Modernization


Anonymous said...

thanks man - been wanting that Puba joint for a while (I've only got it on the Strictly Business OST tape!)

been checking the blog for a couple of weeks now and enjoying the tunes - keep it up!

Step One (UK)

dj day said...

No doubt. I ripped that from the (somewhat shitty pressed) LP. There's an LONS song on there I meant to dub too. I remember getting that record before I ever even saw the movie!